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We keep our 2 does and buck in a 3 tier breeding hutch. It measures 4ft wide x 6ft high x 2ft deep, each hutch being 2 ft high. The hutches for the does should have a nest area at one side for her to use for kindling. This should be about 12 inches wide with a low retaining wall separating it from the main run. It should also have a separate solid door for privacy.

The rest of the front of each hutch should be covered with 1’’x 1’’wire mesh with a door to allow for feeding. Our hutch fronts are removable and each run area has a removable galvanised tray for easy cleaning.

The hutch for the buck does not need a separate area and is best left uncluttered in readiness for mating.

You will also need another 3 tier hutch without nest areas. Two, for raising and fattening the youngsters and 1 spare for emergency us.