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Californian and New Zealand White rabbits usually have quite a good size litter. Ours give us between 7 and 10 each time, so 1 or 2 does plus 1 buck should be sufficient to give you a regular supply of fresh rabbit for the table. 

Always take the doe to the buck. We put our pairing together in the morning leaving them together for an hour or so. Then take her away and put them back together again for a short while in the evening. This can result in an extra 1 or 2 kits. 

Gestation takes 30 days. As your doe nears the time for giving birth you should clean her hutch and supply her with plenty of fresh hay with which she will make the nest. Our does usually eat very little in the couple of days before birth but continue to give fresh food daily and always make sure they have access to fresh water.